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Cool tool helps map caring relationships

This is Gaston’s CareMap: Hana and Gaston have been married for about 20 years. Before marrying, Gaston was in a serious accident that left him with a major back injury that has caused him significant pain and discomfort since. They have three grown children; one daughter lives nearby. Hanna’s brother Harvey lives with Hana and Gaston. He has intractable epilepsy, Parkinsonism, and other serious health conditions. His church had been a vital part of his life but he can no longer go there; however they continue to support him by sending him a DVD of services each week. Gaston’s mother lives nearby. Although she has very serious health issues, she insists on staying in her own home, and so Gaston often goes over to help.
Caring for one another is, well, caring, but it can be hard and it can be lonely. You need to...
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