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The world is on an unsustainable path, but powerful ideas and innovations that could help solve social, economic and environmental challenges are emerging all the time. We need to uncover and understand these opportunities in order to make the most of them.

The Futures Centre is a dynamic online and offline platform that combines quality journalism with trends monitoring to offer generalist readers a place to find out what’s changing and identify opportunities to act for a sustainable future.

It leads the transition from ‘public interest’ journalism to ‘public agency’ journalism, inviting users to both understand and shape their future. It was launched by Forum for the Future, a sustainability non-profit headquartered in the UK, on 5 February 2015.

The Futures Centre community of trackers share ‘Signals of Change’: unprecedented ideas, innovations, behaviours and applications with transformative potential. For each one, they ask ‘So what?’: what does this new development mean for the future we want to build? Journalists and industry leaders respond with long-form analysis, alongside links to helpful resources.

As an online platform, it pools our collective knowledge and understanding of what is happening today in the context of sustainability, to get a better idea of what the world may be like tomorrow – a powerful tool for everyone to spot windows of opportunity for significant disruption, sustainable innovation and collaboration.

In August 2015, Costco was sued for selling prawns tainted by slavery. This is an example of a Signal of Change.

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Written by

Dorothy Ng (31 May 2016)

Project leader

James Goodman, Director, Futures Centre

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