Rubber glove opens doors

Exo-Glove Poly
South Korea (Seoul)

Please note: This glove should be available by the end of 2017. You can get more information here.

Tasks such as opening doors are a part of everyday life for most people. However, for people who people suffer paralysis of the hand and fingers through injuries or diseases – such as spinal cord injury, stroke and cerebral palsy – they can present a huge challenge without the support of assistive technologies.

About 500,000 people end up in a wheelchair each year. Of those, around half also suffer injuries to their hand. And that number doesn’t include the people who sustain injuries just to their hands. People with disability want to live an independent life.

To address this, Kyujin Cho at Seoul National University has developed the Exo-Glove Poly, a soft wearable robot that addresses paralysis of the hand by enabling people to grasp and pinch various objects. Exo is from the Greek for ‘outside’ and Poly refers to the glove’s being made of polymer. Inspired by human fingers, this flexible, rubber-like robotic glove is superior to bulky exoskeletons due to its lightweight compactness and increased usability.

Built so that it’s comfortable enough to be worn every day and waterproof for easy sanitisation, Exo-Glove Poly has three fingers that fit over the wearer’s thumb, index finger and middle finger, with a soft tendon routing system of wires. The motor, controlled by a simple switch, pulls on the wires to open and close the hand. Design features allow adjustment to different hand sizes and to protect users from injury, as well as taking into consideration price, mass production, wearability and appearance.

The device was developed through a unique and inspiring cooperation of students with disabled persons. The team hope that more people with disability will be able to live a better independent life, but most of all, the goal of the SNU Biorobotics Lab is to foster and educate innovative and empathetic researchers to become agents of change for the future. Cho plans to commercialise the product by the end of 2017. You can get more information here.

Watch the final prototype in action and learn about the ongoing research for two-handed tasks, such as opening and closing a bottle.

Exo-Glove Poly was mapped by Cecilia Laschi in her Soft Robotics AtlasChart Top 5 – a trip through the flexible future of soft robotics from Italy to South Korea.

Written by

Lisa Goldapple, Editor, Atlas of the Future (25 April 2016)

Project leader

Kyujin Cho, Director, Biorobotics Laboratory, Seoul National University

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  1. Valerie Blaylock

    How can I buy one?

  2. Lisa cary

    Is the exo glove available for purchase

  3. Dolly Siddiqui

    Is this Exo Glove available to buy

  4. Jarl Haugerød

    Hi, I’m paralyzed in my left hand.
    Where can I buy one?

  5. Liviu

    How can i buy one? Please give me more datlies!

  6. Arnika

    Please share more information about glove for my husband – after what kind of diseases it can be used?

  7. Mildred trejo

    How can I purchase this product I’m a quadriplegic c5

  8. Ayesha

    My father is unable to use his left hand due to a stroke, I am wondering where I can find more information about the Exo Glove?

  9. Tanya Hill

    My husband suffered a massive stroke and has no use of his right hand. How can I get this ?

  10. Barbara J Horigan

    Would like information on the exo-glove poly for my husband. He suffered a stroke a year and a half ago. And does not have use of his left hand. I think this would be excellent for him.

  11. Barbara J Horigan

    Would also like to know where we can purchase this fantastic glove.

  12. Barbara J Horigan

    Would also like to know where we can purchase this fantastic glove.

  13. Michelle K.

    My father had a stroke three years ago, he has sense in his right hand but does npot have fine motor skills. Please do offer more information on what kind of patients can benefit from this glove and how can we purchase it??

  14. Ibrahim issany

    This is fantastic pls inform me how to get one.



  16. Sami

    Seoul National University’s Exo-Glove Poly is a soft robotic glove designed to help people with disabilities grasp objects:

    This machine Walid needed

  17. Amy

    I need this. I lost function in my right hand due to a brachial plexus injury. I had tendon transfers to help regain some function. This would be perfect for me. How much is it?

  18. Herminia (minnie)

    Can you email me more information I suffered a stroke and can’t grasp with my right hand. Thank you

  19. Janet Nieves

    My daughter suffered a stroke at 14 months old and now at 18 years old she still has marked weakness of her left hand and after many failed attempts on surgery she is still not able to use fully her hand. This looks promising and life changing. If more information on how to apply or research subjects or anything please contact us.

  20. Amanda

    With the size variations are you able to size them for children? If so can you please share more info on product and what pricing may be?

  21. Neysa Hall

    Is it possible to attain a set of these and become part of a trial in the United States?

  22. Silvia Regina Carrijo

    Onde posso encontrar para comprar.
    Moro no Brasil-Rio de Janeiro

  23. Donna Joseph

    How do you get this? I have nerve damage in my right hand. Have had surgery to try and fit it, but it didn’t work. Can you please tell me where or how to get this……

  24. Lisa Goldapple, Editor

    Hi everyone. I have mailed the team behind this to ask their long term intentions about making it available to buy and will let you know.


  25. Zaheer Ijaz

    I have muscular dystrophy and my all four limbs are effected. It seems this Exo Glove can me in my daily life activities which I cannot perform. Kindly let me know from where I can get it?

  26. Liz

    Can we buy it and its available for purchase?

  27. Silvana schneider

    I need this product. where and how can I get it?

  28. K.M

    Hello ,all .If who has any information please share it with me that how we can buy it .

  29. Elizabeth K

    How can I see about purchasing one for a friend who lost hand function to his right arm in a motorcycle accident?

  30. LINOY B G

    hey Lisa Goldapple, any news about the glove from the developers?

  31. gwen

    My husband suffered a stroke that impacted his left side. Ths product would definitely help. When does the product go on the market?

  32. gwen

    Send info when product is release on the market.

  33. Lisa Goldapple, Editor

    Please note: We have spoken to Cho and he plans to commercialise the product by end of next year. I’ll keep you all informed. Lisa

  34. Tom

    Please can i have information or be kept informed as to when this will be available. Looks like a great product which will be greatly needed.

  35. Wojtek

    Hi guys, Awesome concept. I was looking for the device like that. Where can I buy it?

  36. Amy Petri

    HI, are you looking for Sales reps? I had hand surgery on my dominant hand and sure could have used one of these gloves in recovering. I’m also a Medical sales representative who is Clinical. I would enjoy helping others heal because I know what it is like to be a patient, Clinician and a salesperson.

  37. Laura Taylor

    Is there a waiting list to purchase the glove? Or an email list to be notified when it’s available and how to buy it?

  38. Louise Sheen

    I have cerebral palsy affecting my right hand. I would be interested to know how to try this when it becomes avail able

  39. Tiffany

    Is this available for purchase yet?



  41. Grietje Kerkhof

    We are very excited about the Glove.
    Can you please let met know, where we can buy one.
    Where can we find more information about the glove?? in Holland.

  42. K1

    Is this product available in there market? If yes, where?

  43. Heather B

    I have paralysis of my left hand. Is this available in the US? Do I need to talk to my doctor? How do you get this.

  44. Rotimi O.

    Is the Exo-Glove Poly commercially available, or still at the research stage?

  45. Lisa Goldapple, Editor

    To everyone who is interested in the glove. Cho plans for it to be available by the end of 2017. You can keep updated on this site:

  46. Russ McVay

    Where and how much

  47. Arcelia Hernández Ocampo

    Me parece increíble, necesito uno, podrían enviar información de cómo obtenerlo gracias

  48. Brad Campbell

    I would be interested in buying one for a friend who would greatly benefit his mobility with the exo glove. Please contact me with info on purchasing one.

  49. Brenda

    My mothers hands were paralyzed due to spinal damage in a vehicle crash. How can I get her an opportunity to try this?

  50. Nicki

    I am a hand therapist the device would enhance some aspects of hand therapy. I am base in the Unite Kingdom and I would like to suggest the application of its use with peripheral nerve lesions. Please could you send some detailed information about the product, cost and likelihood of purchase within the UK?

  51. Amy Mefford

    I’m very interested in the Exo Glove for my Mother who is 86 and having nerve damage issues. When will this be available for purchase and how much would this cost? Thank you look forward to hearing from you soon!

  52. Stephen Kerr

    Looks fantastic. Will this be available through the NHS?
    How much is the cost to buy?

  53. Stephen Jensen

    Amazing. Could you send me the price ?

  54. Kayla P

    When will this glove be available for purchase? How much will it cost, and will it be covered by some insurances?

  55. Dr.Ramanaiah

    My wife is a paralytic patient for past 12 years.I would like to know about the product and price.

  56. kris stolz

    Please tell me how I can purchase the exo glove poly please? I am a stroke survivor and can’t use my left hand. I could live a greater independent life. Please help me!


    Hello am staying in Africa Tanzania i real need one my sons hands are not working, i also would like to know if there is one for the legs from the waist to the toes. Please get back to me. Please

  58. altug kazanoglu

    How we can buy? And is it portable, compact?
    Dr. K

  59. Sean rush

    Where can we get one?

  60. Narendra Pratap Singh

    Hello I’m just amazed to see this product and very much interested to buy it for my dad. Pls tell me from where I can buy this.

  61. Sheri Hunt

    When will they be available for purchase?

  62. Jason Blanford

    Hi my son is thirteen years old and has a rare DNA disorder and his hand are tight just like someone who has cp. I saw your video on Facebook and was looking for more info and wanting to know the limitations and if it would benefit him with his disorder

  63. PURI

    When does the product go on the market? How can I buy ?

  64. yassine

    ich möchte unbedingt so ein Gerät kaufen es ist dringend bitte um Hilfe ich weiss nicht wo ich es bestellen kann

  65. Corey Fenton

    I need one I have paralysis in my left hand

  66. Nishtha Jain

    Where can I buy this from? I need it for a C5/C6 paraplegic patient. Thanks!

  67. Ranjiv jain

    I want to buy

  68. John Tice

    I’m a paralyzed school teacher and motivational speaker. Let me use your glove and help market it.

  69. Oksana

    Any idea for developing a left-handed glove and for all fingers? Thank you!

  70. Jesús Alvarado

    Hi, My wife has problems with right hand due stroke.
    How can I get one? Please give me more details.

  71. Billy Finger

    Where can i get a pair of them in the states i woul really benifit from this i would improe my quality of lfe


    Can you please describe its mechanism?

  73. Wayne Pealo

    What is the cost of one glove? Where can they be purchased?Thank you

  74. monesh

    please i need this for my dad and he is suffering from stroke exo glove will be helpful for.him and i will be thankful to you!

  75. Damodaran

    Where can i buy the gloves in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia.

  76. Damodaran

    whether online purchase can be done?

  77. Auromely santiao

    Hi i need more inf. Please

  78. Rishi

    how to buy your glove in INDIA

  79. Arshiya

    This is such an amazing product.. My dad is paralysed and I want to get it for him. May I know when it ‘d be available for purchase and how much it would cost?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  80. Farzana mahmood

    where can I buy this and how much is it??

  81. Alfreda ascino

    How much is that exo glove poly

  82. Chadi EL Deek

    Dear All,
    would you please share contact info and people in charge. I need to make an order and secure a device. please let me know what would be the cost. does it require a specialist for installations or it can be done following an inclusive manual.

    kind regards,

  83. Olivia Olivieri

    Wonderful! It would be useful for my son who is affected by left lateral hemiparesis and can’t move right hand fingers. Please let me know how to buy it. Tks

  84. e

    cuando este a la vente ma avisan por favor

  85. Ana Cristina Rocha Espeschit

    How can I buy One?

  86. Jenny Dean

    I have ALS and have lost the ability to eat, speak and breathe on my own. My left hand is completely paralyzed and my right hand is very weak. Being an artist, losing the use of my right hand is the most devastating of all. Time is of the essence so I would like to know where I can purchase this glove.

  87. maicon

    Onde comprar? ????????????????

  88. maicon

    Onde comprar? ????????????????

  89. Zahid

    What is the price of gloves ? Can you deliver to Pakistan, Dubai or Saudia Arabia ?

  90. Martin

    Want to buy one for my son who has cerebral palsy

  91. michael manke

    please keep us updated. I have median nerve palsy an the glove is exactly what I need its my right hand. I’m right hand dominant or at least I was or at least what an idea price would be so I can save tell the release date.

  92. Sagar mehta

    Hi, I m had brachial flexusus injury. My right hand not working so I want to buy this gloves so please please help me asap.

  93. hina

    Please tell me when will it come to the market waiting
    my mother needs it she she suffered a stroke fifteen years ago.

  94. hina

    Please tell me when will it come to the market waiting
    my mother needs it she she suffered a stroke fifteen years ago.

  95. Pilar Perez


  96. Maggie Baker

    Congratulations team NSU team on this wonderful development My sister, who lives in Canada (I live in Australia) had a bad fall and broke several of her fingers on her right hand. Two years later, she is in incredible pain and uses a vibrating hard robotic which is cumbersome and gives her much pain. She is very active and otherwise very mobile. Has your wireless (or portable) product been released yet? If so, where can it be purchased? And how much is the price or anticipated price. Thank you.

  97. Jeff Houk

    Is this available for purchase in the United States?

  98. Michael Weed

    How soon will this be available and what is the cost? My son needs one for each hand. Thank you.

  99. Amal Prasad

    How can I get one?

  100. Dikshant

    Hi this is dikshant , i want to buy this product in rajasthan India. When it can be available in India . Plz rply me 09782177041

  101. Jose Carvalho Curado

    where can i buy???

  102. Anne Hedges

    How do I get one of these I have PPMS and can not use my left hand?

  103. Nayda Carlo

    My mother suffered a stroke and has no use from both hands.Her fingers are contracted do you make the glove for complete movement of all five fingers? How can I get this ?. Thank you looking forward for your soon reply.

  104. Dr niazi

    Hi I need this for my daughter she is suffering from stroke left hand paralysed how can I get this and price please

  105. Zafar

    How can I get this and price

  106. debbie

    is this available now and how do i go about purchasing one. i need immediately

  107. Ruchika mehra

    I would like more information regarding availability for stroke patients

  108. Kevin

    I would like to test it. I am 27y old. I had a carcrash 5y ago. I suffer from acquired peripheral nervous suffering on my right arm with a claw hand as result.

  109. Liliana

    How can I buy one?

  110. Rudi Jegart

    My right (dominant) hand compromised due to MS – how can I get one of these?

  111. jack

    How can I buy one?

  112. Deborah Buckley

    Where in the USA can I buy one of these for my grown son who had a stroke? And what is the price?

  113. James B

    Can we buy it and its available for purchase?

  114. D

    Hi I need to know how much does it cost please

  115. Robert Cieslar


    I have a friend living in Iran who is paraplegic from the neck down except he is able to lift his arm up and down. He has a small amount of feeling in the fingers but cannot move them. This was the cause of a car accident.

    Is there any technology that has the potential to either improve this person’s condition or can aid the person to use their fingers again. Robotics is what I had in mind.

    This would mean a lot to this person to have any improved function.

    Cost is not an issue.

    If you are able to provide any help or direct us to someone who could help that would be greatly appreciated.


  116. Janet

    How much does the device cost? Would it be possible for me to trial it first as a participant? When is it going to become available to the wider public and in Australia? Thanks

  117. Goda

    Where could I purchase this glove? And what is approximate cost?

  118. Mike mckeating

    where can one be perchased

  119. Jacob lozoya

    2 years ago my dad was diagnosed with guillenbarre syndrome…hes 66 old till this day nothing have change still have difficulty getting stuff … my question is were can we purchase this amazing item? …. to help out my dad. My dad is a strong person never gives up with the therapy…. but he needs help…..

  120. Lissette Whitehead

    I would also love to know how to purchase them. I use these for gripping which are great for exercise. It would be very nice to have mobility though.

  121. Lloyd

    How much and when can I buy one

  122. Simon Schunn Austria

    Wie kann man das kaufen?
    How can i buy one?
    Please request for Information.
    Thank you

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