Students build stair-climbing wheelchair

SCEWO BRO Wheelchair
Switzerland (Zurich)

A lack of wheelchair accessibility makes it hard for disabled people to maintain independence. That’s why a group of ten art and tech students from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Zurich University of the Arts has created a wheelchair that uses wheels for cruising and rubber tracks to climb and descend staircases.

Described as a “Segway crossed with a tank” and as having “unparalleled stair-climbing capabilities“, the all-electric SCEWO BRO (before: Scalevo) has retractable twin tracks that descend from its undercarriage and pistons that tilt the chair back – and it can move at a speed of one step per second. Tests have shown that it can be driven on almost every staircase, however steep. The creators hope that it will eliminate the need for access ramps and stairlifts.

It seems so simple, yet it’s never been done before. Watch the SCEWO BRO climb stairs with ease:

Written by

Lisa Goldapple (06 February 2019)

Project leader

Bernhard Winter, Mechanical Engineering student, ETH Zurich

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  1. Cristina

    Hi there, I will like to know the price of the product!

  2. Nikunj Acharya

    Hello, I am from India I want buy your latest chair. How can I get this.

    Please suggest me way.

    Thank you
    Nikunj Acharya

  3. ALINE


  4. Andreas Baxevanidis

    Looking at this genius new wheelchair am wondering about the cost. Has anybody knowledge about this to give me a clue ?

  5. Husam

    can I know how much price for this weel chair ?

  6. me van gestel

    wat is de prijs, waar te koop en kan die ook op het strand rijden.

  7. Jerry Noffel

    Is this chair available in the U.S.? If so, is technical support immediately available to owner? Is the company also working to develop other models of this chair. For example, if stair climbing is not as important as other features can the caterpillars be eliminated? I am very interested in this chair!!! Please send information…including pricing options (if any).

  8. Jas

    how to get this wheelchair in Canada?. Can it be shipped ? what is the price?.

  9. Danica

    Hello, I am from Croatia, i would like to know the price,dimension and can it be shipped(SCEWO BRO Wheelchair).

  10. bernard kramer

    Is this wheelchair weather proof (wet weather particularly)?

  11. Jesinda

    Hi…I’m from really very much impressed with this wheelchair.I believe it will help me a can I get this in my country?thank you

  12. Hassan Hayou

    Hello, I would like to know if the product on circulation , if not when it can be ready for shipping

  13. Cheptumo Ayabei

    Was inquiring if the can be shipped to kenyy

  14. Mike

    UK supplies?

  15. Jonathan

    It available for now i need to buy so give me plice please

  16. Mohamed Mahgoub Mohamed

    I from Egypt i need this scalevo wheelchair .
    Can u help me if where can I find this product in Egypt ???

  17. jack Kassing

    is there in the Netherlands a dealer where i can buy them?

  18. Jye

    This chair seems to have a lot of what’s needed for getting around, does it also come with different variables. Is it passible to obtain this chair in Canada and could you please supply what the pricing would be in that case.



  19. Luazi Dawethi

    I am Luazi Dawethi from South Africa Eastern Cape ENgcobo would like to get the School electric wheelchair through deposit

  20. Justyna

    how to get this wheelchair in United Kingdom?. Can it be shipped ? what is the price


    I would like to know the price of this wheelchair. I have a 41 year old disabled son.

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