Students acting for Integrity

Mobilising students to become champions of Integrity and Equality
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République démocratique du Congo (Uvira)
Students acting for Honesty, Integrity and Equality, mobilises students with innovations in technology, and education to monitor and demand accountability from project implementers and service providers. Corruption impedes development; information, problem solving and transparency reduces its risk. Impact: By working with students in DR Congo, we intend to build integrity in corrupt environments from grassroots level and reverse the negative impact that corruption has on projects and services that benefit the youth, demonstrated through no. of projects successfully completed and the improvement in the Fix-Rate. Integrity is amplified when youth monitors become working members of society and they influence the sectors and communities they are a part of. Results: •Between 2017 and 2018 we trained 525 students in 35 Integrity Clubs across South-Kivu province in Democratic Republic of the Congo. •Students used DevelopmentCheck to monitor 36 infrastructure projects and 36 services for their communities, achieving an average Fix-Rate of 27% of instances where corruption had caused problems in their delivery. •The youth demonstrated to themselves and to others that the power to make a positive difference in their lives and their communities that they have the agency to make a difference. •Youth are empowered to continue to participate in civil society throughout their lifetimes. •Project and service providers expect to be monitored by students, incentivising them to act with integrity and improving the quality of goods they deliver. •Even in contexts where the status of girls is low, over 50% of monitors we have trained are female. •Even in contexts where the status of girls is low, over 25% of monitors we have trained are female.
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Heri Bitamala (07 July 2019)


Heri Bitamala, Co-founder and Executive Director of CERC - Centre de Recherche sur l'Anti-Corruption. I have a passion for social, educational, development and sustainability projects that aim to make the Congo a better place to live in. Before starting CERC, I have spending 5 years managing Community Integrity Building and Integrity Education programs and communications at the Fondation Chirezi in South Kivu, North-Kivu and Kinshasa. During this period, I facilitated training of over 2000 people as community monitors including 1720 students who monitored over 90 development projects and basic services including education and health worth more than USD 76 million and achieving 50% high Fix-Rate.

Project leader

Heri Bitamala, Co-founder and CEO, Centre de Recherche sur l'Anti-Corruption

Teachers and principal's training on anti-corruption measures in in schools

Students in Uvira march to raise awareness about corruption and mismanagement in education system.

Community monitors inspect the construction of school building in Uvira

Community monitors inspect the rehabilitation of destroyed school building in Uvira

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