It’s time to work together. It’s time to think creatively. And it’s time to be useful. That’s why we’re collating your stories of real action and resilience in the face of crisis. 

This is an accumulative list of the projects rapidly popping up all round the world with one thing in common: facing the coronavirus pandemic we have before us. Because #weareresilient.

resilient (adjective)

able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.

There is hope in humanity, that no matter how ****ed up things get, the community will find a solution. (And this is pretty ****ed up.) It’s true that things will look very different in the future, but even in the darkest situations there is the possibility to imagine a better world. So it’s really important what we do right now. This is the ‘Great Reset’: an opportunity to create methodologies and ways of working we’ve never been pushed to try before. 

That’s why we’re asking you for real examples of the ways people are finding a way through – whether it’s delivering food to older people, 3D printing medical solutions or creating online citizen aid resources, communities are coming together in amazing ways to tackle things. And it’s a joyous thing. 

These are your stories of resilience. Because #FutureHeroes work from home too. And yes, you too can fix the future – even in your pyjamas.


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1. 3D printing valves in Italy saves lives

Brescia, Italy

This is an example of how collaboration can be crucial. When one Italian hospital ran out of valves for crucial respiratory machines needed as more and more patients were hospitalised with COVID-19, local manufacturers stepped in to 3D print replacements.


2. South Korea pioneers drive-thru coronovirus tests

Goynag, China

South Korea has pioneered an innovative way of testing for the novel coronavirus – inspired by the drive-through counters at McDonalds and Starbucks. Just substitute picking up Whoppers and Big Macs for getting tested for a pandemic.


3. Meet the New Yorkers delivering supplies and joy

New York, New York

“There is a deep desire to do good in a world that often feels so bad.” Just before this was written, the lives of four twenty-something New Yorkers looked very different. But, as COVID-19 began to spread rapidly, the group were struck by health care workers who were risking their lives. They designed volunteering site Invisible hands to quickly mobilise communities.


4. China built a hospital from scratch in 10 days

Wuhan, China

This is the sort of rapid response the world needs right now. On the Monday of 3 February 2020, something magical happened in Wuhan, China. News outlets were reporting that a new 1,000-bed hospital would be accepting patients – as construction workers were racing to complete it. Imagining a hospital out of containers and building it in ten days is quite something.


5. People are trying to make DIY ventilators

San Francisco (obviously)

Calling all doctors, nurses, designers, engineers and designers: Coronavirus wants you! Ventilators may look simple, but they’re not. As countries face shortages of important medical equipment, makers are desperately trying to fill the gaps with open source designs quickly and cheaply. Hence this Facebook group.


6. Mutual aid groups prove people are good

United Kingdom

Citizen powered ‘mutual aid groups’ have exploded across the UK with more than 900 community groups set up through Facebook within just a few days. National group COVID-19 Mutual Aid UK is keeping track of them all. It’s encouraging to see that, in times like this, people do pull together and are willing to go out of their way to help people who may not be in a position to help themselves.




AtlasAction ► This is an accumulative list. This week, we’re also putting together a list of free online and open source resources for things you can do, learn and play on lockdown. Inspire others: tell us what you’ve found, share projects to feature on the Atlas by commenting below and use the hashtag #weareresilient on social media?