“Carbon is risky, it’s bad for the world. How can we continue to invest in something that’s increasingly dangerous, risky and therefore a bad idea? Let’s stop that and let’s do something else!”

Francesco Starace is the CEO of Enel Group, one of the largest producers of renewable energy in the world. His vision for the company is to own and manage a digitised grid which connects decentralised green energy sources.

“You can implement a sustainable way of becoming a utility of the future with some hard choices – and a little bit of pain. But that’s life, you need to do that anyway! It’s not rocket science, just be determined and do it.”

► We chatted to the leading player in global renewables about the riskiness of carbon and how to the billions of people who have no access to energy, no education and no food. He’s the Star-ace of green power.

Starace’s vision for Enel can be summarised by the company’s new purpose, Open Power.

“Open Power means: opening energy access to more people; opening the world of energy to new technologies; opening energy management to people; opening energy to new uses; and opening to more partnerships.”

Video produced by Atlas of the Future for Project Breakthrough (United Nations Global Compact/ Volans). Check out our other Breakthrough videos here.