Atlas of the Future and Fashion Fictions are looking for digital storytellers to create a simple game based on an alternative sustainable fashion world.

In this world images have been banned so online clothes shopping must be done through text descriptions. Taking this concept as the premise, and drawing from content by participants in a real-world experiment, this simple online game will use different voices and storytelling mechanisms to explore the words and poetry of fashion

When people use the game we want to evoke the questions: What if I lived in this parallel universe? How would my own relationship with fashion change?

We are looking for someone who can:

 – Develop the storyline and text of the game, based on contributions from workshop participants

 – Ensure that sustainable fashion is a core/underlying theme of the game

 – Convert this into a simple online game that can be shared widely

About World 62

In World 62 the Dot-Com NSDAQ crash ends attempts to commercialise the internet. The deaths of Princess Diana and a handful of malnourished super-models leads to strict legislation controlling the publication of images of people. To reach customers at home, fashion brands turn to Teletext.

Buying clothes based on text-only descriptions of garments means customers develop a complex vocabulary and literacy around colour, fibre, and fabric. Descriptions of texture are particularly important. People’s discussions and engagement with fashion centres around rich verbal descriptions, tactility, story-telling and provenance.

If this call has set your ideas in motion, send your bio and link to your work to the Atlas of the Future at: