Exciting rewilding projects are happening at vastly different scales all around the world – as more and more people make efforts to replant trees by the billion, and reintroduce species. 

It is no longer good enough to just talk about halting the destruction of our natural world. We have to to move to a restoration and regeneration agenda; but how do we regenerate the natural environment, the biosphere, our societies and economies?

“Do good, build something with the right motives, do business with a moral compass and you can transform wherever you are.” – Sir Tim Smit, Eden Project founder 

In this AtlasVideo, we ask John Elkington, a world authority on sustainable development, about the coming boom in regenerative capitalism and his new concept: Green Swans. The Godfather of modern sustainability is joined by Sir Tim Smit, WWF UK’s Tanya Steele and more heavy-hitters in conservation, business and politics.

Watch ► The Beach Boys even get a mention:

This video was produced by Atlas of the Future at the Barnes Wetland Centre. Starring (in order of appearance):

John Elkington – Founder & Chief Pollinator, Volans Venture

Tanya Steele – CEO, WWF UK

Sir Tim Smit – Founder and CEO, Eden Project

Solitaire Townsend – Founder, Futerra

Nick Haan– Faculty Chair of Global Grand Challenges, Singularity University

Cathy Runciman – Co-Founder, Atlas of the Future

Hein Sas – Coordinator, Flat Oyster Consortium

Andrew Kerr – Chairman, Sustainable Eel Group

Chris Davis– Chief Sustainability Officer, The Body Shop International 

Mark Campanale – Founder & Executive Director, Carbon Tracker Initiative

Nick Robins – Professor of Practice in Sustainable Finance, LSE

Jeremy Oppenheim – Senior Partner, SYSTEMIQ

The Rt. Hon Nick Hurd MP – was Minister for London since 2018 and Minister of State for Northern Ireland

Editor’s pick ► John Elkington’s new book (his 20th), Green Swans: The Coming Boom in Regenerative Capitalism, published in April 2020 by Fast Company Press.