The flexitarian, vegan, vegetarian and sustainable food movements are growing in sexiness every day. Plant curious? Veganism is moving away from being seen as a cult, and being recognised as a good thing for your health, the environment – and animals.

November 2017 saw Vevolution, the biggest ever vegan festival in Europe, take place in London and recently we told you about the world’s first vegan football club, Forest Green Rovers. So this week we’re celebrating vegan answers in the most surprising places: plant blood, sea bacon, bomb shelter greens, the Noah’s Ark of seeds and eggless eggs.

“How do you create a world where human beings have enough cheap protein and food without ripping up the environment, massively abusing animals and sucking up the world’s water? Part of the solution is plant-based approaches to these really vexing problems.” – Josh Tetrick, Founder, Just


1. Bleeding veggie burgers

Caution: burger porn

How about a sustainable plant-based burger by Impossible Foods that bleeds just like a meat patty? This ‘plant blood’ recipe is winning over meat-lovers.


2. Wow! Milk without the cow!

Cows rejoice

The Swedish milk industry is worried about Oatly – a ‘milk’ made from oats that can wean people off dairy and proves livestock is antiquated tech. Why grow oats to feed to cows? Just cut out the middlecow.


3. Pigs hail the new kale!

Gratuitous shot of snuggling pigs

This pink seaweed superfood tastes just like bacon and is better for you than kale. High in minerals, vitamins, protein and antioxidants, could a fast-growing smoky-tasting ‘bacon of the sea’ turn you pig-free?


4. Video ► The eggless egg

Something about egg on his face

vegan mayo CEO wants to change the world by making the right thing easy and sexy. With ‘Just’, Josh Tetrick plans to shift the eating habits of climate-conscious millennials. We asked former the American football player-turned-food saviour which came first – the idea to crack the future of food or the eggless egg?


5. Tunnel visionaries

These veg are the bomb

South London holds a secret. Deep underground its streets are Second World War bomb shelters pimped out with the latest hydroponic systems and LED technology. Growing Underground is a pristine, pesticide-free farm harvesting leafy micro-greens all year round and supplying them to consumers in the London area and reduce dependence on imported crops.


6. Our freezer’s bigger than yours

Fortitude in real life

Deep inside a mountain on a remote island in the Svalbard archipelago, halfway between mainland Norway and the North Pole, lies the Global Seed Vault. Safeguarding everything from sheep food to chili peppers, the fail-safe Noah’s Ark of seeds is built to stand natural or man-made disasters. It represents the world’s largest collection of crop diversity.


7. London’s first ‘agri-tech’ incubator

Located in an old school in Bermondsey and made from recycled salvage from a local theatre company, decommissioned bio labs and materials from art freight containers, Green Lab is London’s first incubator workspace for urban farming entrepreneurs and ‘agritech’ startups: aquaculture, hydroponics, algae, fermentation and fungi.


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