Join us from 6 – 27 July 2021 for our second online edition of ‘Fixing the Future’: Nature talks, a series of conversations with pioneers who are rethinking humanity’s relationship with nature.

After the success of the 2020 edition on the future of education, Fixing the future is back – still online and free – to explore the impact of human activity on natural landscapes and reflect on how we can live in harmony with the earth. Every Tuesday in July, an international expert will join us to explain how they’re rethinking our relationship with nature and answer questions from the public.

As we move beyond the pandemic, the need for a “green recovery” has become clear. Rapidly changing our relationship with nature is fundamental to society’s transition. So, together with the world’s leading experts on all things nature-related, we’ll ask “how can we learn to live – and thrive – within the planet’s boundaries?”

Stand with Indigenous communities, stand with youth activists, stand with all our planet’s species: join us in one or all of the sessions for free! Now, meet the speakers…

6 July 2021: Christine Smith-Martin

Indigenous leader protecting the world’s largest intact rainforest

Fixing the Future Nature talks Christine Smith-Martin

Executive Director of Coastal First Nations – Great Bear Initiative, Christine Smith-Martin is restoring and protecting one of the world’s largest remaining temperate rainforest systems – The Great Bear Rainforest – while defending the communities whose culture, language and livelihoods are inseparable from it. Christine was previously Executive Director of the Vancouver Aboriginal Transformative Justice Services, and has a long track record of partnering with conservation groups and climate change and indigenous rights advocates. Join this Nature Talk, to find out how this unique alliance is restoring and protecting ecosystems in the Coastal First Nations’ Traditional Territories, while striving to improve quality of life for coastal communities at the same time.

Language: English, with Catalan interpretation available.

Register for free. Moderated by Dr Josep-Maria Mallarach, author, professor and environmental consultant, specialised in protected areas, nature conservation, environmental assessment and sustainability.

⚡ 13 July 2021: Lucy Houliston and Javier Robayo

Wildlife warriors pioneering the world’s first youth-funded nature reserve

Young people are acting for the planet in myriad ways. But they need a seat at the table where the decisions are made that impact their futures, and the futures of all species. Reserva: The Youth Land Trust puts them at the heart of ecosystem conservation by creating entirely youth-funded nature reserves.

Lucy Houliston, a weird wildlife aficionado and National Geographic Young Explorer, is a board member at Reserva: The Youth Land Trust. Lucy also serves as a board member of the London Wildlife Trust’s Young People’s Forum, and is Digital Content Producer at the Sloth Appreciation Society.

Javier Robayo, a Rainforest Trust Fellow and member of the management team of the Fundación EcoMinga, created Reserva: The Youth Land Trust, the world’s first youth-funded nature reserve. Javier was also the mastermind behind the Ecominga Reserves and Reserva Dracula and has been working with local communities, authorities, and scientists for the last 20 years to identify and conserve biodiverse habitats in Ecuador.

Join this Nature Talk to discuss how young peoples’ passion, energy and skills are driving the conservation of vital habitats.

Language: English, with Catalan interpretation available.

Register for free. Moderated by Olivia Minguella, animal lover, member of Joves de Catalunya per la Natura and student of marine science.

⚡ 20 July 2021: Sebastián di Martino

Rewilding 10 species across 2.5 million acres in Argentina

We desperately need to prevent the extinction of species and restore the health of natural ecosystems and rural communities. Sebastián Di Martino, Conservation Director for Rewilding Argentina, is working to heal nature and protect the communities who live in symbiosis with it by reintroducing 10 species across 2.5m acres of protected land in partnership with Tompkins Conservation. A biologist by trade, Sebastián served for 18 years as the technical director of protected areas in Neuquén Province, as well as working for the Wildlife Conservation Society and the National Parks Administration. Join this Nature Talk to discover more about Rewilding Argentina’s extraordinary achievements in restoration and rewilding in Argentina, and the model they can offer to the rest of the world.

Language: Spanish, with English interpretation available.

Register for free. Moderated by Deli Saavedra, Head of Landscapes, Rewilding Europe and president of Sol Solidari (a foundation for environmental cooperation in Africa).

⚡ 27 July 2021: Sacha Dench

Conservationist and adventurer saving migratory species worldwide

Fixing the Future Nature talks Sacha Dench

Migratory species are some of the most threatened on Earth; Sacha Dench, UN Ambassador for Migratory Species and CEO of Conservation Without Borders, is on a mission to save them. Sacha flew 7,000km solo in a paramotor from Arctic Russia to the UK in 2016 to save the Bewick’s swan, winning her the 2018 Britannia Trophy for the most meritorious performance in aviation, a Woman of the Year 2017 and the Environment Campaign of the Year 2017, among other awards. Join this Nature Talk to hear about her adventure, her ongoing conservation work and expeditions, and what we can all learn from migratory species.

Language: English, with Catalan interpretation available.

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