It takes a whole lot of creative energy to build a future that is fair for the planet and its inhabitants. But then again, most revolutions start with a stretch of the imagination.

After 7 years at the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights working with textile factory workers and farmers in Pakistan and Bangladesh, human rights lawyer, artist, author and activist Carolijn Terwindt quit her job and embarked on an International Artist Residency at Vasl Artist’s Association in Karachi.

The creative chameleon paints, writes, and plays, working on anything from prank calls to CEOs of major German companies to street violin interventions. She’s now challenging the idea of human supremacy at the Embassy of the North Sea, building a European network of initiatives, researchers, artists and policymakers interested in listening to the voice of nature — plants, animals, and people all have the right to have their say at the Embassy.

Carolijn shared with the Atlas her playful poetic instructions, a joyful reminder of the dazzling show our natural world puts on every day:

Khaama Kethna, Agonda

Nature’s Netflix
Today, sit on your porch
And watch
The butterfly
Flying insect
Walking insect
Sitting insect
Falling leaf
Rays of sun through the branches
Changing the colors
Shiny plankton in the dark
My favorite series
Season 2 million
Episode 1
Carolijn Terwindt post

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Curious about blurring the boundaries between art and business, politics, and the law? Want to know how to collect the voices of nature? Carolijn will be at Fixing the Future Festival, Barcelona’s celebration of creative solutions and world-changing ideas.