Atlas of the Future aims to ‘Democratise the Future‘ by raising the profiles of the people and projects creating a better world.

In this lunchtime talk at Shoreditch House, co-founder Cathy Runciman will share the story of the Atlas and introduce her favourite projects from around the globe – from the skateboarders liberating girls in Afghanistan and the ATMs dispensing water in India to San Fran’s eggless egg and the 11-year old literary FutureHero adding colour to the book world.

Atlas Editor-in-Chief and video producer Lisa Goldapple will also be joining Cathy from Barcelona.

Clever Boxer has a small guest list. For a free ticket, please email and tell them why you’d like to come along. And sign up to the Facebook event here.

Where: Shoreditch House, 1 Ebor St, London E1 6AW

When: 1–2pm, Monday 8 May 2017

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Which are your favourite projects?

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