“We need to be able to imagine a world where we value compassion and community and nature over consumption and growth.”

18-year-old conservationist, campaigner, writer and filmmaker, Bella Lack dedicated her youth to defending our home planet and the species that inhabit it. The board Director of Reserva: the Youth Land Trust sent us a message from the future: keep talking, keep acting, and keep imagining.

In this impelling reverse time capsule, the titanic teen shares her thoughts on climate activism and the power of storytelling, keeping the intergenerational dialogue alive and sensible, and staying grounded while growing up in the midst of a climate emergency.

“Don’t forget your individual power as a consumer, as a citizen, as a voter, and also, don’t forget the importance of community: no one can do this alone.”

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How is climate justice also intergenerational justice? How can we make our planet a more livable, happier place for all species? Bella will join Fixing the Future FestivalTickets out now.

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Bella Lack was in conversation with Bianca Fiore, a Barcelona-based storyteller and lasagne wizard. Covering stories of joy and the talent at work to re-imagine our world. Former Editor-in-Chief of Atlas of the Future.