This week in Barcelona we celebrated over a cava (or many) that The Futurenauts are now officially part of the Atlas!

In this special ‘strong and stable’ show, Mark and Ed interview Cathy Runciman, Atlas of the Future co-founder and former MD of Time Out International.

Cathy interviewing real life FutureHeroes on set at Warner Bros Studios, LA

Cathy interviewing real life FutureHeroes on the Lego Batman set at Warner Bros Studios, LA

Listen ► Feel the joy as Cathy talks about the most creative Atlas project and the most moving. (Includes sheep and vultures!)

AtlasAction: ‘Pay it forward’ by telling us about a project in the Global South here.

Stevenson + Gillespie = 'Naughty

Stevenson + Gillespie love being in a soundbooth together

The Futurenauts are top selling author and futurist Mark Stevenson and leading sustainability expert Ed Gillespie.

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Atlas of the Future presents: The Futurenauts @ Byline Festival on 3 June.