Climate change is real. Musk knows it, the Pope knows it and Obama knows it. With their new film, ‘Before the Flood’, Scorsese and DiCaprio want us all to acknowledge it. Increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases raises the planet’s temperature. Fact.

These projects all help, because (as Leo puts it): “The science is clear, the future is not.”


1. Halley VI, Antarctica


Antarctic research on skis

Imagine living on a massive ice shelf that as the weather gets warmer comes away from the mainland – casting you adrift in the Antarctic sea. That’s the potential fate for Halley VI Station, which carries out research into the earth’s atmosphere. Always on the move, the research ‘caterpillar’ relocates as a deep ice chasm moves towards it.


2. Makoto Floating School, Nigeria

makoko floating school

Nigeria’s floating school

Climate change has caused regular flooding in Lagos. Built on barrels, Makoko Floating School adapts to carying water levels. Watch the students who canoe to school here.


3. Climate Take Back, United Kingdom


Carpet reverses climate change

Interface are close to eradicating all their negative impacts on the planet. Over twenty years ago, the carpet tile company embarked on its plush path to sustainability. Its destination was a peak of a Mount of Sustainability “higher than Everest” which they called Mission Zero. They have since proven that the people cutting floors into squares are anything but square.


4. Sledge Project, Greenland

rob sweere sledge project

Education on thin ice

On a heart-shaped little Arctic island, this orphanage is sinking owing to climate change. The Sledge Project teaches kids about their Inuit culture in space-age classrooms on skis.


5. Climate News Network, United Kingdom

How to report climate change

How to report climate change

Communicating climate change can be a challenge, especially for those in the developing world, which is most affected by global warming. Led by four joint editors – all in their 60s and 70s – Climate News Network helps you write about those important stories. Because environmental journalists can change the world.

► For the ultimate report, watch DiCaprio’s ‘Before the Flood’.