If #PlaytheFuture month on the Atlas showed us anything, it’s that games are serious stuff. A playful approach to solving problems can help us tap into our collective creativity, use the power of imagination together, and have fun while we crack the code of the world’s greatest challenges. From a greener planet to a happier metaverse, from health to empathy, join us as we embark on the game-changing virtual adventures that are making the future a better (and more fun!) place to be.

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1. A world without pollinators ?

Pollinator Park

Welcome to 2050. Ecological disasters caused the disappearance of insect pollinators. Bees, butterflies and their winged friends are long gone in the wild. The good news is, decades ago a foreseeing scientist built a safe haven to preserve remaining pollinators. The place is filled with lush vegetation and the air is buzzing with insects. Enter Pollinator Park, where you can learn all about a bee’s life and how to keep pollinators buzzing on Planet Earth.

Wait, what’s that? A game to explain a game? Matryoshka fans unite and test your bee knowledge ► Buzz to play the AtlasQuiz.

2. An island of one’s own ✨

Apart of Me

Travel to a safe magical island where you can explore your feelings. Hear the stories of people who’ve been where you are. Discover your own strength and wisdom hidden in the darkest of places.

Explore the world’s first therapeutic video game that helps bereaved children find hope in the face of death.

► Build your safe Cave in Apart of Me.

3. A Mediterranean paradise — Submitted by Games for Change ?️

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure

Join Alba as she visits her grandparents on a Mediterranean island. Take your time in this childhood summer dream as you explore the island at your own pace and discover the joy of helping nature with small, meaningful acts.

From BAFTA-awarded game studio Ustwo comes Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, a game that examines the relationship between humans and nature. The team is committed to harnessing the power of games and gamers to take action on the climate crisis: Alba already helped plant 1 million trees IRL. ► Will you help her and the planet out?

Submitted by Susanna Pollack, Games for Change.

4. A Dark Age adventure ♞

A Blind Legend

A video-less video game? In A Blind Legend, a new medieval fantasy adventure game, ears replace the eyes, and the gripping 3D soundscape allows gamers who are blind to experience the future-fixing power of play. Without graphics or video content, sighted players have to trust their hearing and helpful characters as their empathy levels up.

Do you think you can win with your eyes closed? ► Play for free.

5. A biodiversity haven ⛲

minecraft water museum atlas of the future agbar

Minecraft, the ‘Lego of a new generation’, is unleashing its half a billion-strong player power to raise awareness of two of the greatest challenges of our time: the climate crisis and our loss of biodiversity. Players are challenged to build a refuge for biodiversity within a Water Museum that can be found inside Minecraft … and IRL.

Ready to protect species big and small? ► Start building.

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