The virtual reality storyteller and documentary producer, who has realised the visions of Terry Gilliam, Chris Milk, Spike Jonze, Robert Redford and Beastie Boys, takes us on a 360-degree trip through her top 5 Atlas projects – from the holo world to the reality of dog poop.


1. Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens

Bringing holograms to life

“Imagine a virtual world overlaid on top of the real one, with full physical interaction between you and the digital projections that map our lives. We’ve been trying to mesh the real world with the virtual one ever since we invented computers. Microsoft’s HoloLens tech will be a huge advancement.”


2. Tesla’s Model III

Tesla 3

Baby Tesla to hit the road

“This is the obvious front-runner. Elon and his gang of geniuses are changing the world at a rate the rest of us are still struggling to understand. The Model III is purported to be a smaller, lighter, cheaper vehicle, sitting at around $35,000. At that price point, US market is going to dive head-first into electric. It couldn’t come at a better time, because this world needs something new.”


3. France’s rooftop law

Tricolor goes green

Tricolor goes green

“The French government recently decreed that all new buildings in commercial zones must construct gardens or solar panels on their rooftops. The times are turbulent, and we need more planetary responsibility like France just showed.”


4. Nike Back to the Future shoes

Back to the Future Nikes

Self-lacing shoes

“You hear the same rumours every year: “Nike’s going to make the shoes from Back to the Future!” When confirmed this January, I flipped. These things actually lace themselves up. I have chosen this in my top 5 as although I might struggle to find the long term social good, I love it when science fiction becomes reality.”


5. Streetkleen


Dog poo prints

“I’m always a fan of technology being used in bizarre ways. The London-based Streetkleen is attempting to DNA test all the dogs in an effort to catch owners who don’t pick up after their pets. We’re living in the future!”


Samantha Storr was talking to Atlas Editor Lisa Goldapple. Read her views on the evolution of virtual reality, sharing immersive documentaries with world leaders – and collaborating with the United Nations in her FutureHero interview and more about Vrse.