Let us take you inside an old school made from recycled theatre salvage, decommissioned bio labs and art freight containers – because something special is happening. Green Lab is creating a vibrant city community for creative sustainable food innovators.

As London’s first incubator workspace for urban farming entrepreneurs and ‘agritech’ startups, the space was set up by Ande Gregson. Having previously co-founded Fab Lab London, he was inspired after a series of visits to Valldaura, a self-sufficient lab in Barcelona.


I’m not a farmer, I’m not a botanist, but my stubbornness has lead me to understand a lot more about the needs of a food system and how we can augment that with technology as possible solutions.

The Green Lab focus is on insects, algae, hydroponics, aquaculture, fungi, fermentation and vermiculture. That’s cultivating earthworms to convert organic waste into fertiliser.


Food is at the heart of what we do. It builds community, it build social cohesion. Some of the biggest challenges for me are the uses of the resources we have, how we can use them more efficiently and more locally.

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