Meet the real jewels of Oman

Oman (Muscat)

MyOmani hopes to inspire the residents and citizens of Oman by promoting sustainable projects and effective practices for a better tomorrow.


A barber who bikes to work, a zero waste birthday party, a student who’s made an artwork out of aluminium cans and an edible garden; MyOmani profiles the people and projects that promote sustainability in Oman. Its founder, Agnes Astolfi, calls the champions of doing good the country’s real “jewels”.

“MyOmani showcases the jewels that ignite the passion for sustainable practices – be it art, action, innovation or ideas!” – Agnes Astolfi

The initiative by SustainableOman identifies and showcases the profiles of people with the enthusiasm and ability to inspire change in Oman and beyond – raising awareness of the fact that anyone can contribute to positive change and has a role in making tomorrow much better than today.

The ‘recognition campaign’ showcases the people, projects and actions in Oman is concerned with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, starting with the environment, conservation, development, protection and education – always with a vision of a better world.

Agnes is the founder of both SustainableOman and MyOmani. The environmental and sustainability consultant specialises in green neighbourhoods and environmental assessments and was involved in several flagship projects in Oman related to waste management, railway, industrial free zones and mining. She told us that MyOmani is all about “the people who are doing exemplary work, people who may lead with example and inspire the requisite changes and adaptation to the effective practices for the Sustainable Development in the Sultanate of Oman and beyond.”

The SustainableOman team is composed of volunteers from around the world and is representative of the individual and collective initiatives and contributions of the people who love and are connected with Oman, locals, natives, residents or expats. “We have gathered many like minded people in Oman who have been champions of sustainability in their own ways.”

Some of the projects spotted by MyOmani are the Omani Women Association in Seeb, the Save Oman Beaches group and the ReBag Oman upcycling project.

“The general idea is that sustainability is only about the environment,” Agnes explains. “However, as human beings we tend to ignore the fact that every decision we take in our social structure or economic structure, impacts the environment or the planet.”

In 2020, MyOmani was awarded the Global Entreps Award, 5th Edition for the 300 World Best Practices on Sustainability and Innovation.

Despite the massive damages that the pandemic has brought about into the world, Agnes is happy that at least it’s made everyone take a moment to be more compassionate and empathetic to fellow human beings and look at the damages caused by our daily behaviour on this planet. “SustainableOman believes people are more aware and this pandemic has started the conversation around the health of people globally and the planet. Everyone has come to understand that all lives matter and realised that people come before profit and without physically healthy and mentally happy people there is no profit or economy.”

SustainableOman is in the process of creating more innovative campaigns while they continue to keep in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and Oman’s Vision 2040. Agnes adds that “the masses need to be sensitised, educated and influenced positively to contribute to the cause of Sustainable Development across the world.”

AtlasAction: Got a candidate for the next MyOmani? Nominate here. If not, watch the SustainableOman webinar series for inspiration.

Written by

Oscar Marin, Atlas of the Future (15 December 2020)

Project leader

Agnes Astolfi, founder

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