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Universe Awareness
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Learning about our cosmos can help expand children’s worldview, and sense of empathy and responsibility to our home planet, Earth. Our awe-inspiring Universe captures the imagination of children. The vastness and beauty of the Universe are a stepping-stone to science & technology, and provide a us with special perspective on our place in the cosmos, and our place on our fragile planet. Our Goals: - Foster a global community of educators who lead education initiatives locally: Our international community provides a platform for sharing ideas, best practices and resources between educators from around the world. The community is also leveraged to co-create and run global projects, to broaden children’s horizons beyond their local area and to show all children that they are part of a global community. - Support and train educators around the world in introducing astronomy to children from underserved communities: We aim to give teachers the confidence to introduce astronomy and other science topics in the classroom, and to create innovative methods for engaging young children in astronomy. - Provide engaging, high-quality and easy-to-use astronomy educational resources to use with young children: Learning should be exciting and fun – and this is never truer than when dealing with young children. We encourage learning through play and hands-on activities by developing and disseminating inspiring educational resources. We envision a world where all children: - Explore their interest in science and technology, - Develop their skills in critical thinking - Nurture a sense of global citizenship and kinship with all other children around the world. - Respect and protect our fragile planet. So ultimately, all children are inspired by the Universe around us and grow into critically thinking, global citizens who respect our planet and appreciate the diversity of cultures, peoples and individuals on planet Earth.

(30 August 2017)

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Leiden Observatory

Inspiring Every Child With Our Wonderful Cosmos through Universe Awareness

Activity by UNAWE Guatemala at a school in San Cristobal El Alto, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala on 18 September 2015.

UNAWE activity at refugee centre AZC Katwijk, the Netherlands. Credit: W. Schrier/UNAWE In September 2016, UNAWE helped organise a Astronomy Month at the primary school 'de Verrekijker' at the Refugee Center in Katwijk, the Netherlands. During this month, the 150+ students from 4 to 12 years old, eagerly learned about many aspects of Astronomy and Space and even worked on their first collaborative project ever: building a space ship! The Astronomy Month concluded with a visit from the NOVA inflatable Planetarium and an Open Day, during which the students enthusiastically shared everything they learned and created with their parents and siblings!

Universe Awareness activity in Afghanistan with our partners Skateistan in 2015

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