DIY psychosis simulation Jamie in wonderland

Labyrinth Psychotica
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Netherlands (Wormerveer)

Imagine going through 33 psychotic phenomena in 15 minutes.

Labyrinth Psychotica’s wearable simulates that sensation. Enter the mind of a girl named Jamie, only to become Jamie… and a better understanding of the subjective experience of psychosis is crucial to better health care.

Labyrinth Psychotica allows for professionals to grasp what it feels like to function when one’s senses are altered. It helps to understand why a person will not react, or why their reactions might feel inappropriate. Within a few minutes, the simulation project ‘The Wearable’ provides insight into how normal the reactions actually are for a person in psychosis, and how detrimental current health care strategies can be to that person’s recovery.

This innovative artistic perspective on psychosis is based on extensive research allowing to break through the mysteries surrounding psychosis that maintain the stigma. One learns to understand why the biggest Atheist can suddenly believe they are possessed by demons, without being afraid. We provide a narrative that suddenly all makes sense in a way that allows for empathic interaction. The popularity and positive reception of Labyrinth Psychotica reveal that there is a need for this insight and that Labyrinth Psychotica fulfils this need. With our workshops, we reached over 12.000 professionals in the last 4 years in 20 countries (as of Sept 2017). Our challenge for the future is to raise funds to develop a version that is scalable and help grow this empathic narrative into the world.

I’m so ready to scale and help change the world of mental health, lots of work to do, funds to raise, but hopefully, people will no longer fear psychosis, and know what to do, and how to recognize psychosis, as much as they know how to recognise diabetes or a heart attack….!

Submitted by

Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a) (22 August 2017)


Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a) is a Canadian born mind-warrior based in The Netherlands. She is founder of roomforthoughts, an artistic research practice that uses installation art, collaboration, technology, and multi-media as methods of research to address mental health issues. Her practice is ultimately dedicated to understanding the physics of thought in relation to the experience of reality, and how the brain constructs it. She curated 35 artists for Discovery 2007, European Researchers Night. She has participated in several art and science projects and residencies. She was an artistic researcher-in-residence at the National Psychiatry Museum in Haarlem (5 months), and Waag Society Institute for Art, Science and Technology, Amsterdam (2 years). She was tutor of the Honours Programme ART and RESEARCH of the University of Amsterdam and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (3,5 years). Jennifer is most known for PhD project Labyrinth Psychotica.

Project leader

Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a), Founder and Inventor

Labyrinth Psychotica: The Wearable Psychosis Simulation

The Wearable Do-It-Yourself Psychosis Simulation

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