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I defend creativity and making are also ways of ecological activism. I try to impact in consumer habits sharing DIY ideas to autoproduce stuff reusing domestic trash in order to cover our needs. Because it is not only about what you upcycle, it is also about what to stop generating when you make something by yourself. That is why my mantra is "Más Hacer y Menos Comprar" (Make more buy less). Internet has an enormous capacity to bring us useful, independent and transformative information. That is why I generate content for entities and companies in favor of sustainability. I'm specialized in the DIY movement, environmentalism, consumption and trends. So therefore I produce audiovisual content such a tutorials, reviews or opinion videos, and after I amplify its message sharing them with my +40K global audiencie. I just want to force a change in our consumer behaviour. Without moralisms, just focusing in positive alternatives with a powerful storytelling. There is so much potential in our waste. And everyone can help upcycling it at a domestic level. We can all become agents of change!
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Marta Barberà Vázquez (11 July 2019)


The second funniest thing for me is to create. My name is Marta and I grew up in a creative environment, where I was taught to work with what you have and to respect our planet. After all, we depend on him. I was lucky that I was always involved in what was done at home. From painting walls, to helping with the sewing of the day. From digging the earth, to help with DIY. From assembling models, to playing with watercolor. Over time, as I formed, I turned around and became interested in the business world. I started studying International Business, then Graphic Design and I specialized in Consumer Sociopsychology and Brand MK in UK. However after years working for multinationals and the arrival of the crisis, I ended up broken. Without goals or energy. So then, it was time to stop. To rethink what my principles were, what made me happy, what I was good at, and with what I could contribute. After that, 2nd Funniest Thing was born. It was the result of a change of life aligning myself with my values ​​and aptitudes. Now I work as a communicator, contents creator, I advise publishers and agencies, I give workshops, I offer talks and my strongest point are the projects related to Upcycling. I'm a trends lover, big fan of Zygmunt Bauman and Daft Punk, and always interested in the culture of any time or place.

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Marta - Founder

Random tutorial encouraging people to rescue abandoned materials on the street. Their garbage can be our gold

Domestic upcycling example - Necklace made upcycling tetrabricks

Upcycled light courtain (ephemeral installation created with plastic waste and a group of children)

how to sprout plant remains in water

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