Calling all activists, creatives, educators, organisers, troublemakers, lawyers, collectives and communities sparking just climate action in Spain. We want to hear your JustFutures voice!

#JustFutures is a channel that brings together the people fixing our relationship with the planet and each other.

We’re looking for:

► Projects that are centred around climate justice

► Projects based in Spain

► Projects that are real

► Projects that are innovative

► Projects that have a long-term vision

► Projects that are committed to lasting positive impact

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Feminist Climate demands at COP26. Photo by Davinia Sosa Baez.

Feminist Climate demands at COP26. Photo by Davinia Sosa Baez.

What is #JustFutures about?

Too many people are already experiencing the injustice of inaction and unfair climate policies. To make Earth liveable for all Earthlings, we need to rethink our current systems. There’s no stopping climate breakdown without climate justice, and there’s no climate justice without economic, gender, and racial justice.

Vulnerable people who caused the least climate and environmental destruction are excluded from decision-making processes and affected the most by our current crises, suffering enormous land, community, and economic loss.

Girls and women are among the most vulnerable as they’re denied the power, resources, and opportunities needed to withstand and adapt to climate change. While they produce over 50% of the food grown worldwide, they rarely own the land they farm, are compensated unfairly for their labour, and are underrepresented in climate delegations and studies.

And then there’s our natural world. The Earth and all living species that inhabit it deserve healing and protection, yet are still under constant attack.

Fortunately, climate justice FutureFixers around the world are hard at work to build futures of hope and joy. This season, come make systems-changing waves and re-imagine the future of our home planet.

We know we have the solutions. We know there’s a world of talent at work. Help us map it.

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Cover photo: Pixabay