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03 July 2017

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Actual News reimagines the way we find, consume, interact with, pay for & follow up on news and online media for the 21st century.

Our website (now in beta) and app (coming soon) present stories as a mosaic of icons on a world map. Use the NewsWheel to cut through genres, pan or search a location, topic or event you’re interested in. Seek out news, instead of being told what’s important. Soon, our world map will be populated with a chequerboard of images drawn from nearby articles, defining borders by events. Our interface is designed to give news a more holistic and contextual sense, graphically linking articles and suggesting relevant followup content – or action.

Commenting on uncontroversial stories can be fraught and combative to say the least; we think we can improve this andd are experimenting with ‘troll voting’ to shut down threads which are going nowhere, useful threads for reference & a ‘Changed My Mind’ button, amongst others, to encourage showing appreciation in more reasoned ways. Defaulting to video comments & group video discussion will, in theory, encourage more civility – real debate.

We’re also working on modular tools to allow readers to organise or join in with local or national projects & social action in response to stories – everything from volunteering through petitions, fundraising and boycotting. Similar tools allow for crowd-led investigative journalism – vote on & fund a story you want to know more about.

We have no overarching editorial direction, besides a commitment to transparency, integrity and reason. Anyone can submit an article to Actual News, we proofread it and edit – not what you’re saying, only helping improve how it’s said – you approve or edit our edits, and publish. We’ll promote your piece and encourage readers to support your work financially – one-off, per-article, or monthly. Writers keep at least 80%, depending on required editing. This keeps paywalls, ads and clickbait away.

In short, we want to reinvent news.

Submitted by

Tom Brookes


Actual News CEO & founder - I'm a politics graduate, and have been trying to make Actual News come to life since finishing uni a few years ago. Thanks to the tireless work of my partners, David & Oliver, I'm proud to present our beta.

There's a lot to add, but we think the potential is clear - and hope you agree. With your participation, help, ideas, feedback and support reinventing news will be more than a possibility - it'll become an obligation and a pleasure.

Project leader

Tom Brookes, Founder & CEO; David E., Developer; Oliver Hepworth-Bell, Designer; Tony Scattergood, Editor


United Kingdom (Manchester)

Actual News - demo & ethos

Main interface, showing NewsBar & article preview

Main interface, showing NewsWheel

Main interface showing 'turn back time' / 'Cher' slider


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